Weekly One-Day Self-Practice Mindfulness Retreats 四念住自修日營

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* 活動適合有禪修經驗自修



Dear Friends,

We will be offering a weekly Vipassana one-day self-practice retreat for advanced practitioners every Saturday to support those wishing to strengthen their mindfulness practice. This self-practice retreat will be all day and self-structured with no guidance. For beginners, guidance and instruction will be offered once a month in both languages.

Weekly Vipassana Self-Practice Retreat Details
Date & Time: Nov 12, Nov 21, Nov 26, 9 am – 5 pm

​Location: Buddhist Association Chan Ma Mee York Memorial Camp

Sign Up: This is a self-practice group for advanced vipassana practioners only. Please Whatsapp 6257 5290 to join our whatsapp group to sign up. Please bring your own vegetarian lunch and an optional donation.


With Metta,


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