Christmas Seven-Day Retreat

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本會將於122329日舉辦由淨行導師Visuddhacara (主持為期7天的慈心禪修營。培育慈心為我們帶來不一樣的生活品質;在2017年完結的時候,齊參與慈心和正念的修習,這將是最美善的方式來结束舊的一年及開始新的一年。



日期:23-29/12, 2017




截止報名日期:21/12 (額滿即止)



淨行導師 (Visuddhacara)生於馬來西亞檳城,曾當記者十二年及出家十七年至2003年,為當地著名禪修中心住持。1982年開始在緬甸跟隨U PanditaSujiva等大師修習內觀智慧禪。近年於馬來西亞、新加坡、斯裡蘭卡、澳洲、義大利、捷克及香港各地開示佛法及指導禪修。導師優雅、豁達、睿智。他的著作包括《Curbing Anger Spreading Love》、《Loving and Dying》、《Hello with love and othermeditations》、《Metta – the practice of lovingkindness for a happier life》、《Drinking Tea Living Life》等。


Dear Friends:

Please join us in a 7-day metta (lovingkindness) and vipassana (insight) meditation retreat this Christmas from Dec 23 – Dec 29, led by Visuddhacara ( Developing lovingkindness can make a great difference to the quality of our lives and there is no better way to end 2017 and begin 2018 than to engage in the wholesome, heartwarming practice of lovingkindness and mindfulness.

Other than Vipassana, the Buddha had also taught to always practice metta and kindness. Metta is a Pali word that means goodwill, lovingkindness, friendliness. It is a one of four divine ways of abiding. Lovingkindness is unconditional love and friendliness towards all beings. It makes no distinction between any living being. The highest aspiration mentioned in the loving-kindness discourse is that one loves all beings just as a mother loves her only child—but of course, first, we have to be skilled at developing it toward ourselves.

By cultivating compassion, we can treat ourselves and others kindly and know how to use the supple forgiving heart to accept ourselves and others, leading us live our daily lives harmoniously and with ease of mind. The Buddha also spoke about eleven benefits of practicing metta, such as sleeping easily; dreaming no evil dreams; beloved by all beings and devas; neither fire, poison nor weapons can harm us; one’s mind gain concentration quickly, etc.

Participants will be spending their days in sitting and walking meditation all the time focusing on the development of this quality, continuously bringing them to mind, and increasing and strengthening it. Visu will give a Dhamma talk every night, which will address a little bit of vipassana and other three brahma-viharas.

Space are limited and subject to a first come first serve basis.

Date: Dec 23rd – Dec 29th, 2017
Venue: Fa Hong Monastery
Cost: Donation-based
Language: English, with Cantonese translation
Inquiry:  62191998 /

Deadline for Application: Dec 21st

About the teacher Visuddhacara

Visuddhacara was born in Penang, Malaysia, in 1953. He was a journalist for 12 years and later a Buddhist monk for 17 years before he resumed the lay life in 2003. He has been practicing meditation since 1982 and has studied with various teachers including the Myanmar meditation master Sayadaw U Pandita (author of ‘In this very life: The liberation teachings of the Buddha’) and Ven Sujiva of Malaysia (author of ‘Essentials of Insight Meditation’ and other books). Visuddhacara has led retreats in Asia, Australia, and Europe. He travels to teach meditation and Dhamma with his wife, Barbara. He is the author of several books including ‘Curbing Anger Spreading Love,’ ‘Loving and Dying,’ ‘Hello with love and other meditations’ and ‘Metta – the practice of lovingkindness for a happier life.’

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